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So, I've been out of touch with LJ lately... it's hard to type entries one-handed, and Connor hasn't figured out how to pick out individual keys yet, so dictation's out. Plus, drool's bad for the keyboard.

Connor's doing well, he can roll over onto his tummy all on his own now, so that's exciting. He went to war with us this May, and did very well for a camping baby. He's starting in on teething, so there's been much drool and fussyness in my world lately, but he's still super cute. Well, given the screaming, not so cute at the moment, but still. He'll be five months old this week... that's kinda scary. He'll be crawling any day now, and after that, it's all over.

Our landlady keeps feeding our cats... well, let me clarify that. We asked her to watch the cats when we were out of town for War, and gave her feeding instructions, because Gabe is a glutton and will eat any and all food put in front of him, so he's on a diet. When we got home from War, there were two full bowls of food out for them, and a lot less food in the bin than there should have been. We figured that maybe she got busy and didn't think she'd have a chance to feed them in the morning (we came back early) or something. But that didn't really account for the amount of food missing. Today, she came into the apt (with our permission) because our shower was leaking thru the floor into the downstairs neighbor's bathroom and the plumber needed to seal something up here. Apparently our shameless beggars worked their magic, because when we got home maybe an hour later, she had put out TWO FULL BOWLS of food for them again. We were gone for two hours, max. I mean, seriously, the hell? Their water bowl may have been low or something, but we leave the bathroom sink on very slightly for them (it keeps Gabe out of the toilet and Luci out of the shower), so they had access to fresh running water. I just don't know what to say to her... I'm sure she thought she was helping or something, but Gabe is getting fat again, and the cats are getting really bad with the begging. I'm left to wonder how often this happens when we're not around, you know? It's not healthy for my cats, and I can't afford to waste that much of the very expensive food the cats get, either. But I don't want to yell at her or start a fight over this either. I swear we live in a giant kindergarten class, and I don't want to be a part of the drama around here.

And oh, yes, there is drama. We've had death threats screamed across the complex, regular police visits, angry shouting matches at all hours of the day and night, and loud parties that roam from apartment to apartment thru the evening. The woman directly across from us shows up at our door periodically in the middle of the night asking for soda or juice, and always asks if she can hold Connor while she's here. She's also admitted (drunkenly) that she watches me thru our front window during the day. I've started closing the blinds.

In other, totally unrelated news, my mother tried to send me a package last week. The following is the route it took:

Delivered DILLSBORO IN 47018 06/08/09 1:35pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45234 06/07/09 11:09pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 06/05/09 9:49pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 06/04/09 11:32pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45235 06/03/09 7:42pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/31/09 12:17am

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/30/09 6:31pm

Arrival at Unit VISTA CA 92084 05/29/09 8:33am

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/28/09 11:27pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45235 05/27/09 9:21pm

Acceptance DILLSBORO IN 47018 05/27/09 11:57am

So, it went from Dillsboro, to Cincy, to San Diego, to Vista (but not to my home), then back to SD, where it was processed twice, then back to Cincy, then back to SD, again the double processing, then back to Cincy, and then back to my mother in Dillsboro... and the USPS wonders why they're loosing money! My mother tried again today after she got the box... I'm just boggled by how this happened. I mean, if they had some problem with the package and needed to return it, fine, but it's made 4 cross-country trips for nothing. My mind, it is boggled, and my flabber has been thoroughly gasted.

And now I must go and check on dinner, before it burns... love you all!
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