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Lyra Silverose's Journal
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Monday, August 17th, 2009
12:18 pm
One year
Today is my one year wedding anniversary. I really can't believe how quickly it's gone! Sadly, Hobbs is working today, so we're going out for a nice dinner this weekend. Still, one year! Wow!
Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
10:40 pm
Apparently, an intrinsic part of repairing roofs around here is to have the largest man on the crew run up and down the building flat-footed. Also, what sounds like pneumatic hammers. At 7am.

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, June 8th, 2009
7:34 pm
random update
So, I've been out of touch with LJ lately... it's hard to type entries one-handed, and Connor hasn't figured out how to pick out individual keys yet, so dictation's out. Plus, drool's bad for the keyboard.

Connor's doing well, he can roll over onto his tummy all on his own now, so that's exciting. He went to war with us this May, and did very well for a camping baby. He's starting in on teething, so there's been much drool and fussyness in my world lately, but he's still super cute. Well, given the screaming, not so cute at the moment, but still. He'll be five months old this week... that's kinda scary. He'll be crawling any day now, and after that, it's all over.

Our landlady keeps feeding our cats... well, let me clarify that. We asked her to watch the cats when we were out of town for War, and gave her feeding instructions, because Gabe is a glutton and will eat any and all food put in front of him, so he's on a diet. When we got home from War, there were two full bowls of food out for them, and a lot less food in the bin than there should have been. We figured that maybe she got busy and didn't think she'd have a chance to feed them in the morning (we came back early) or something. But that didn't really account for the amount of food missing. Today, she came into the apt (with our permission) because our shower was leaking thru the floor into the downstairs neighbor's bathroom and the plumber needed to seal something up here. Apparently our shameless beggars worked their magic, because when we got home maybe an hour later, she had put out TWO FULL BOWLS of food for them again. We were gone for two hours, max. I mean, seriously, the hell? Their water bowl may have been low or something, but we leave the bathroom sink on very slightly for them (it keeps Gabe out of the toilet and Luci out of the shower), so they had access to fresh running water. I just don't know what to say to her... I'm sure she thought she was helping or something, but Gabe is getting fat again, and the cats are getting really bad with the begging. I'm left to wonder how often this happens when we're not around, you know? It's not healthy for my cats, and I can't afford to waste that much of the very expensive food the cats get, either. But I don't want to yell at her or start a fight over this either. I swear we live in a giant kindergarten class, and I don't want to be a part of the drama around here.

And oh, yes, there is drama. We've had death threats screamed across the complex, regular police visits, angry shouting matches at all hours of the day and night, and loud parties that roam from apartment to apartment thru the evening. The woman directly across from us shows up at our door periodically in the middle of the night asking for soda or juice, and always asks if she can hold Connor while she's here. She's also admitted (drunkenly) that she watches me thru our front window during the day. I've started closing the blinds.

In other, totally unrelated news, my mother tried to send me a package last week. The following is the route it took:

Delivered DILLSBORO IN 47018 06/08/09 1:35pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45234 06/07/09 11:09pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 06/05/09 9:49pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 06/04/09 11:32pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45235 06/03/09 7:42pm

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/31/09 12:17am

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/30/09 6:31pm

Arrival at Unit VISTA CA 92084 05/29/09 8:33am

Processed through Sort SAN DIEGO CA 92186 05/28/09 11:27pm

Processed through Sort CINCINNATI OH 45235 05/27/09 9:21pm

Acceptance DILLSBORO IN 47018 05/27/09 11:57am

So, it went from Dillsboro, to Cincy, to San Diego, to Vista (but not to my home), then back to SD, where it was processed twice, then back to Cincy, then back to SD, again the double processing, then back to Cincy, and then back to my mother in Dillsboro... and the USPS wonders why they're loosing money! My mother tried again today after she got the box... I'm just boggled by how this happened. I mean, if they had some problem with the package and needed to return it, fine, but it's made 4 cross-country trips for nothing. My mind, it is boggled, and my flabber has been thoroughly gasted.

And now I must go and check on dinner, before it burns... love you all!

Current Mood: busy
Friday, March 20th, 2009
6:51 pm
Don't any of you go forgetting, tomorrow is the all day open-house type thing at our place! Beer, burgers, dogs and assorted snacks supplied, bring anything you wish to contribute. Come anytime (after 10am unless you want to help with setup and cleaning) and leave when you must. Be there, or face cute baby wrath!

Current Mood: optimistic
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
7:57 pm
wow n'such
So yeah... baby. I'm still trying to assimilate this whole thing. I imagine actually sleeping more than a few hours at a stretch would help. Connor's doing really well now though... only once per night (if you don't mind getting up at 7am or so every day) as a general rule, although sometimes that one wakeup a night lasts a couple hours. He's getting an actual personality at this point, too, as opposed to just being a crying digestive tract. He makes noises besides grunt and squeek, too... all the little baby coos and such, which is sickeningly cute. Also, ye gods save us from the cutesy clothing... so glad I had a boy, it helps cut down on the cute just a little bit.
I've been hunting for a particular shirt that he already has, I want it in a couple more sizes, since it's adorable and yet still respectable. Sadly, I've only found it one place, and it was in a size smaller than the one I already have. So, if anyone sees a Carter's brand long sleeve onsie set of two, one with little paw prints all over it and "Safari Friends" on the front with three animals, and the other with two shades of tan stripes and "Little Tiger" on the front with a tiger face in any size from 3-6 months up, buy them and I'll pay you back plus the shipping if needed. I'm serious, I love that little tiger shirt.
Connor is starting to focus on things a little better, vision-wise, and he's actually making a couple inches of progress across the floor during tummy time. He's also getting so much bigger... the newborn clothes don't really fit all that well anymore, and he's moved on to size one diapers. He also is much harder to hold in one arm than he was before. He's so strong, when he squirms it's actually hard to hold on to him.
We took Connor to the beach for the first time this past weekend, and he seemed to dig it. The ocean seemed to confuse him, but he was intrigued. He's also been to his very first Rocky show, although we didn't stay past the pre-show stuff because it being the Friday the 13th show, there was way too much screaming and shouting during the lingerie contest and it freake him out. I'm hoping to go again this week, when it may be a bit quieter, but we'll see how things go, since Hobbs has to work on Saturday and thus likely won't want to go with me. Maybe I'll see if Heather and Dane want to go...
The cats are becoming more acclimated to the baby, too. Luci actually likes cuddling with me and the baby on the couch during the day, and I found her with Hobbs and Connor in bed the other morning. Gabe likes to sit beside the baby when he's in his bouncy seat, and he'll swish his tail over the baby like it's a game. I imagine that'll stop when Connor starts grabbing onto things more consistantly.
And now, I'm being called on to provide dinner to the little beastie, so I'm off.
Thursday, February 5th, 2009
10:07 pm
Saturday, January 31st, 2009
12:54 am
Damnit! I cannot believe I forgot it was Friday... Connor is being a total jerk tonight, though, so maybe it's for the best. *sigh*

Current Mood: crushed
Saturday, January 24th, 2009
5:44 pm
To everyone I told that I'd be at the show last night, I'm sorry... I took a nap, and Hobbs refused to wake me up. We'll be there next week (I'll set an alarm!), so I really do apologize to anyone who went expecting to see us there, and we'll see you in a week!

Current Mood: embarrassed
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
8:23 pm
Baby Boots
Connor is silly
Connor, day one

More to be had at my Flikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34528987@N06/

Current Mood: cheerful
11:03 am
So Hobbs and I have discovered that Connor is particulary fond of techno music... must have something to do with the beats. We're excited to see how he reacts to the drums at War, based on this. I imagine he will enjoy the topless belly dancers too, but they'll make him hungry.
In other news, still cute.
8:29 am
Home again!
Connor and I are home again, thank goodness. On Thursday, they checked his bilirubin levels because he was still jaundiced, and they were really high, so we wound up at the hospital that evening, where we stayed until yesterday noon. It was stressful, but he's doing much better now. They treat this sort of thing by putting the baby under special lights for hours on end (I don't know enough about the science sideof this to know why it works), which are, unfortunately, rather toasty. He started to get dehydrated, and there was breif talk on the part of the nurse about an IV. That was when I demanded to speak to a doctor. I didn't want that placed unless it was absolutely necessary, and I didn't see putting him back under the lights (which had already dropped his levels quite a bit) if it was going to just cause a new problem like that. It was a very long stay at the hospital, overall. On the upside, he's nursing better, and the doctor said I didn't have to keep giving him formula as long as he's eating well from me.
Also, that stay at the hospital helped reset his schedule, so he actually slept for something like 5 hours at night last night. Between that and the pumped breast milk that Hobbs fed him for me before that, I finally got to sleep! I really needed it after two days in the hospital.
Our goal for today is to establish even more of a routine, so it's wakey wakey as much as possible and feeding about every two-ish hours, so that we can sleep again tonight. Also, he's getting a bath (I wanted to give him one yesterday, but mostly just wanted to sleep/tidy up the house/etc, and we had company for a bit, so we didn't get that far). He's got tape stickyness on his foot from where they had the pulse ox attached, plus general hospital ick. I gave him a little bit of a bath on Friday, too, when they let him be out from under the lights for part of the day, because they made him sweat something fierce, and it was icky.
Now, if only I had telekinesis, I could get that glass of water to come over here so I could drink it without disrupting feeding time for Connor... at least with his Boppy pillow, I can still have my hands free for most of it, so I can do things like update LJ while he nurses. Anyone who is having a baby, knows someone having a baby, or might one day consider having a baby, really needs to get one of these pillows. It makes things so much easier, even just holding him in your lap, and feeding (bottle or breast) is so much more comfortable... my arms are so pleased not no have to turn to noodles every time the baby gets hungry.
Again, I promise photos as soon as we get them off the camera and phone... we've been just a tetch busy.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, January 15th, 2009
2:59 pm
Baby update
So, still super cute. He's got a little bit of jaundice, and they were concerned about his weight loss (all babies loose weight right after they're born, but his was on the high end of normal), so we've been to see the doctor twice now, and we're going in for another check tomorrow. He's not scary sick, or anything, but he is sucking at eating well, which is causing most of the problem. Also, he has a really odd sleep schedule, so he actually crashes out for about 5-ish hours in a row at one point in the day, and refuses to be awakened. After our visit yesterday with the doc, when I was told to wake him and get him to eat, I tried everything... I even stuck a piece of ice on his foot (that worked, but only for a minute, then back asleep). So we're giving him a tiny bit of formula along with him nursing, to boost his food intake, at least until he's not yellow anymore.
Luci is getting a little annoyed that her lap is gone, and last night tried to cuddle with me and the baby while we dozed on the couch between feedings. I feel bad pushing her away, but I don't want her curling up with Connor until he's old enough to not faceplant into her and stop breathing. Both kitties have accepted his presence fairly well, though. Luci has even soothed him while he was crying a couple times, by giving him head rubs. Gabe mostly keeps his distance, although he doesn't mind being near Connor, he's not interested in cuddling him or anything... shockingly, he hasn't even really tried to lick him.
Hobbs and I are both pretty exhausted, of course, although he got a halfway decent night's sleep last night, since I took the baby out to the couch and tried to keep him fed out there... it worked ok, but I was so physically uncomfortable that I don't know if I'll be able to do that quite the same way again. I'm sore everywhere, especially my lower back and my neck (as well as my more delicate parts, of course). Maybe I can scrounge up the money to shell out for a massage or something, although it's not really in the budget just now. So instead I think I'll go try to get some sleep while Connor's crashed out.
One last note: I'll post some pictures once Hobbs gets them uploaded from the camera. Just wait 'till you see!

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
12:13 pm
Connor Boots was born at 12:33 AM on Sunday, January 11th. He weighed 8lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long. Also, he's super cute. Photos to follow when I get some sleep an we get them uploaded to the computer.

Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, January 9th, 2009
8:29 pm
I will be induced tomorrow morning at 5:30am. I am both terrified and excited. I will post a phone number in an f-locked post that will follow this one that you can call for updates (no, it's not mine, and it's not Hobbs's, but Lisa will have updates as they happen pretty much all day). I will update once I'm home or sufficiently recovered in the hospital and have internet access. Love to you all, and wish me luck.

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
5:32 pm
So, one upside of this whole high blood pressure thing is that the doctors want me in bed, on my side, as much as possible. No standing for longer than absolutely necessary. Why is that an upside? Because it gets me out of cleaning, doing dishes, and other things that need to get done, and Hobbs can't be mad at me. I'm kinda kidding about this... but it's still funny.
In blood pressure news, it's still a little high, sayeth the doctor at my recheck today, but only when I'm sitting or standing. There's still a litany of symptoms I'm supposed to watch out for and rush to the hospital with. I get to go back to the clinic tomorrow for another recheck. Also, I've been pretty much told that I will have to have an epidural no matter what, to keep my blood pressure from skyrocketing during labor... I'm just hoping they'll let me put that off for a while, like I'd planned, so I can walk/move around comfortably and possibly shower during labor, since moving around is supposed to help things go more quickly and comfortably.

Current Mood: good
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
12:16 am
Quick update and/or rambling
So, I wound up in the hospital today, as at my regular prenatal checkup I had very high blood pressure and lots of edema. They kept me there for five hours, wearing one of those stupid gowns, with a fetal monitor on, while they monitored my (now completely normal) blood pressure and ran blood and urine tests. It was oh so pleasant, let me tell you. Mostly, I'm irritated at the clinic doctor, who told me to go straight to the hospital (I did stop to pick up Hobbs, since he was home and had the day off, and I wanted him with me), and made it out to be a huge rush emergency, when really, not so much. I didn't eat all day until about 5pm, because I hadn't had time before my appt this morning and they wouldn't let me at the hospital since the weren't sure what they were going to do with me. Now I have a long list of what to watch for, and if any of that pops up, I get to go back again for more of the same. On the upside, for a while it was kinda cool getting to listen to the baby's heartbeat and him moving around in there on the monitor... also, one part of the monitor watches for contractions, and I was having those every once in a while (totally normal at this point, but uncomfortable), so that was nifty for the first little bit, until the novelty wore off and all I wanted to do was roll over, which I wasn't allowed to do at all... I am so not a fan of hospitals.
But, long story short, everything's ok, and I'm fine and the baby's fine, and I did eventually get food. Now I get to watch out for spots or sparkles in front of my eyes, dizzyness, blurred vision, swelling of the hands and feet, flushed or swollen face, headaches that don't go away quickly, epigastric pain (this one wasn't really explained all that well to me, so I don't exactly know when it crosses the line from indegestion, but I imagine if it starts to hurt, I'll figure it out), and a slew of other symptoms that send me right back where I was. What's funny is, I'd had a few of these the last couple days, but since they seemed like normal pregnancy symptoms, I didn't think anything of it. Apparently when they happen together, not so good.
The doctor at the hospital did say that if this persists, they can induce labor, which is essentially the cure, but I'd rather just do this whole thing when my body says so (which will, of course, be either three am or while I'm out with a shopping cart full of groceries or something). It seems like all the induced labors I hear about result in rediculously long labor followed by a c-section, and I don't want that. I know that the average labor time for a first time birth is about 20 hours, and I know that either way it'll be a long road, but I don't want to play with it any more than I have to.
So... yeah, that's pretty much it for the update, rambling, and griping for tonight... of course, I can't sleep, because I came home from dinner after all day in the hospital and crashed for a few hours. Now Hobbs is all curled up and cozy in bed, and I'm much too alert for my own good.

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
1:05 pm
Wow, what a douche...
So, Remmy moved himeself out of the old place... sorta. He left most of his crap behind, the entire house reeks of cigarette smoke, and the bathroom is well on it's way to being black with mold again, besides being piled in trash. He'd been hoarding some of my dishes in his closed (Hobbs found them), and he didn't. clean. anything. He even left old food in the fridge that I had already cleaned out. He skipped out without paying any of the money he owes us for bills (and that's not a tiny amount). We know he's gone, because he left his key on the countertop in the kitchen and took his computer and clothes and whatnot. He has officially screwed us, bigtime. If I had three or four days, and wasn't battling a particularly nasty headcold, and wasn't, y'know, 9 months pregnant, I could get the place pristine and we might actually see some of the deposit money. But I am ill, and pregnant, and we're stretching the bounds just to be in there today, so no, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it...He fucked me, he fucked Hobbs, and I really wish it didn't hurt so much that he did this to us. He used to be one of my very best friends.

Current Mood: enraged
Saturday, December 27th, 2008
8:18 pm
So, I'm working on getting together good ways to inform people of what's going on with me, in the event that I spontaneously burst into labor (which could potentially happen any time). I doubt I'll have the presence of mind to post here on my way out the door, but I was hoping to take the laptop along anyway, and if I am allowed to use it and can get interwebs, I'll update once it's all over. I may also give a good friend my password, so that they can post here with updates as they happen, but lord knows, that would require me actually being prepared for things...

In other news, I'm officially terrified about this whole giving birth thing... I just keep telling myself that lots of other people have done it, and it's only made a few of them go completely insane (my mother being a prime example, although there's evidence to support that she may have been insane before the birth). I'm just so ready for this pregnancy thing to be over, and I'm just so terrified that I'm going to wind up giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital while we're stuck in traffic or something... every single bad thing that could possibly happen (including home delivery, Hobbs not getting there in time, and the baby clawing his way out via my sternum) has been haunting me for weeks now. It can't possibly be as bad as I expect it to be... right?

Current Mood: nervous
Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
4:19 pm
So, I got my Christmas present from the state... an extra ultrasound. Apparently, I was measuring a little bit bigger than normal, so they wanted to be sure I wasn't going to pop before they expected it (as if any of us has any control over that). I've got a couple really nice pictures, and for anyone who didn't know already, absolute confirmation that yes, we will be having a boy. His name will be Connor.

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, December 20th, 2008
2:46 pm
Ever have one of those restless days, where you want to be doing something, but you just don't know what? That's what I'm having today... anybody want to come hang out with me? We can be bored together!

Current Mood: bored
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