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wow n'such

So yeah... baby. I'm still trying to assimilate this whole thing. I imagine actually sleeping more than a few hours at a stretch would help. Connor's doing really well now though... only once per night (if you don't mind getting up at 7am or so every day) as a general rule, although sometimes that one wakeup a night lasts a couple hours. He's getting an actual personality at this point, too, as opposed to just being a crying digestive tract. He makes noises besides grunt and squeek, too... all the little baby coos and such, which is sickeningly cute. Also, ye gods save us from the cutesy clothing... so glad I had a boy, it helps cut down on the cute just a little bit.
I've been hunting for a particular shirt that he already has, I want it in a couple more sizes, since it's adorable and yet still respectable. Sadly, I've only found it one place, and it was in a size smaller than the one I already have. So, if anyone sees a Carter's brand long sleeve onsie set of two, one with little paw prints all over it and "Safari Friends" on the front with three animals, and the other with two shades of tan stripes and "Little Tiger" on the front with a tiger face in any size from 3-6 months up, buy them and I'll pay you back plus the shipping if needed. I'm serious, I love that little tiger shirt.
Connor is starting to focus on things a little better, vision-wise, and he's actually making a couple inches of progress across the floor during tummy time. He's also getting so much bigger... the newborn clothes don't really fit all that well anymore, and he's moved on to size one diapers. He also is much harder to hold in one arm than he was before. He's so strong, when he squirms it's actually hard to hold on to him.
We took Connor to the beach for the first time this past weekend, and he seemed to dig it. The ocean seemed to confuse him, but he was intrigued. He's also been to his very first Rocky show, although we didn't stay past the pre-show stuff because it being the Friday the 13th show, there was way too much screaming and shouting during the lingerie contest and it freake him out. I'm hoping to go again this week, when it may be a bit quieter, but we'll see how things go, since Hobbs has to work on Saturday and thus likely won't want to go with me. Maybe I'll see if Heather and Dane want to go...
The cats are becoming more acclimated to the baby, too. Luci actually likes cuddling with me and the baby on the couch during the day, and I found her with Hobbs and Connor in bed the other morning. Gabe likes to sit beside the baby when he's in his bouncy seat, and he'll swish his tail over the baby like it's a game. I imagine that'll stop when Connor starts grabbing onto things more consistantly.
And now, I'm being called on to provide dinner to the little beastie, so I'm off.
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