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Home again!

Connor and I are home again, thank goodness. On Thursday, they checked his bilirubin levels because he was still jaundiced, and they were really high, so we wound up at the hospital that evening, where we stayed until yesterday noon. It was stressful, but he's doing much better now. They treat this sort of thing by putting the baby under special lights for hours on end (I don't know enough about the science sideof this to know why it works), which are, unfortunately, rather toasty. He started to get dehydrated, and there was breif talk on the part of the nurse about an IV. That was when I demanded to speak to a doctor. I didn't want that placed unless it was absolutely necessary, and I didn't see putting him back under the lights (which had already dropped his levels quite a bit) if it was going to just cause a new problem like that. It was a very long stay at the hospital, overall. On the upside, he's nursing better, and the doctor said I didn't have to keep giving him formula as long as he's eating well from me.
Also, that stay at the hospital helped reset his schedule, so he actually slept for something like 5 hours at night last night. Between that and the pumped breast milk that Hobbs fed him for me before that, I finally got to sleep! I really needed it after two days in the hospital.
Our goal for today is to establish even more of a routine, so it's wakey wakey as much as possible and feeding about every two-ish hours, so that we can sleep again tonight. Also, he's getting a bath (I wanted to give him one yesterday, but mostly just wanted to sleep/tidy up the house/etc, and we had company for a bit, so we didn't get that far). He's got tape stickyness on his foot from where they had the pulse ox attached, plus general hospital ick. I gave him a little bit of a bath on Friday, too, when they let him be out from under the lights for part of the day, because they made him sweat something fierce, and it was icky.
Now, if only I had telekinesis, I could get that glass of water to come over here so I could drink it without disrupting feeding time for Connor... at least with his Boppy pillow, I can still have my hands free for most of it, so I can do things like update LJ while he nurses. Anyone who is having a baby, knows someone having a baby, or might one day consider having a baby, really needs to get one of these pillows. It makes things so much easier, even just holding him in your lap, and feeding (bottle or breast) is so much more comfortable... my arms are so pleased not no have to turn to noodles every time the baby gets hungry.
Again, I promise photos as soon as we get them off the camera and phone... we've been just a tetch busy.
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