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Baby update

So, still super cute. He's got a little bit of jaundice, and they were concerned about his weight loss (all babies loose weight right after they're born, but his was on the high end of normal), so we've been to see the doctor twice now, and we're going in for another check tomorrow. He's not scary sick, or anything, but he is sucking at eating well, which is causing most of the problem. Also, he has a really odd sleep schedule, so he actually crashes out for about 5-ish hours in a row at one point in the day, and refuses to be awakened. After our visit yesterday with the doc, when I was told to wake him and get him to eat, I tried everything... I even stuck a piece of ice on his foot (that worked, but only for a minute, then back asleep). So we're giving him a tiny bit of formula along with him nursing, to boost his food intake, at least until he's not yellow anymore.
Luci is getting a little annoyed that her lap is gone, and last night tried to cuddle with me and the baby while we dozed on the couch between feedings. I feel bad pushing her away, but I don't want her curling up with Connor until he's old enough to not faceplant into her and stop breathing. Both kitties have accepted his presence fairly well, though. Luci has even soothed him while he was crying a couple times, by giving him head rubs. Gabe mostly keeps his distance, although he doesn't mind being near Connor, he's not interested in cuddling him or anything... shockingly, he hasn't even really tried to lick him.
Hobbs and I are both pretty exhausted, of course, although he got a halfway decent night's sleep last night, since I took the baby out to the couch and tried to keep him fed out there... it worked ok, but I was so physically uncomfortable that I don't know if I'll be able to do that quite the same way again. I'm sore everywhere, especially my lower back and my neck (as well as my more delicate parts, of course). Maybe I can scrounge up the money to shell out for a massage or something, although it's not really in the budget just now. So instead I think I'll go try to get some sleep while Connor's crashed out.
One last note: I'll post some pictures once Hobbs gets them uploaded from the camera. Just wait 'till you see!
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