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Quick update and/or rambling

So, I wound up in the hospital today, as at my regular prenatal checkup I had very high blood pressure and lots of edema. They kept me there for five hours, wearing one of those stupid gowns, with a fetal monitor on, while they monitored my (now completely normal) blood pressure and ran blood and urine tests. It was oh so pleasant, let me tell you. Mostly, I'm irritated at the clinic doctor, who told me to go straight to the hospital (I did stop to pick up Hobbs, since he was home and had the day off, and I wanted him with me), and made it out to be a huge rush emergency, when really, not so much. I didn't eat all day until about 5pm, because I hadn't had time before my appt this morning and they wouldn't let me at the hospital since the weren't sure what they were going to do with me. Now I have a long list of what to watch for, and if any of that pops up, I get to go back again for more of the same. On the upside, for a while it was kinda cool getting to listen to the baby's heartbeat and him moving around in there on the monitor... also, one part of the monitor watches for contractions, and I was having those every once in a while (totally normal at this point, but uncomfortable), so that was nifty for the first little bit, until the novelty wore off and all I wanted to do was roll over, which I wasn't allowed to do at all... I am so not a fan of hospitals.
But, long story short, everything's ok, and I'm fine and the baby's fine, and I did eventually get food. Now I get to watch out for spots or sparkles in front of my eyes, dizzyness, blurred vision, swelling of the hands and feet, flushed or swollen face, headaches that don't go away quickly, epigastric pain (this one wasn't really explained all that well to me, so I don't exactly know when it crosses the line from indegestion, but I imagine if it starts to hurt, I'll figure it out), and a slew of other symptoms that send me right back where I was. What's funny is, I'd had a few of these the last couple days, but since they seemed like normal pregnancy symptoms, I didn't think anything of it. Apparently when they happen together, not so good.
The doctor at the hospital did say that if this persists, they can induce labor, which is essentially the cure, but I'd rather just do this whole thing when my body says so (which will, of course, be either three am or while I'm out with a shopping cart full of groceries or something). It seems like all the induced labors I hear about result in rediculously long labor followed by a c-section, and I don't want that. I know that the average labor time for a first time birth is about 20 hours, and I know that either way it'll be a long road, but I don't want to play with it any more than I have to.
So... yeah, that's pretty much it for the update, rambling, and griping for tonight... of course, I can't sleep, because I came home from dinner after all day in the hospital and crashed for a few hours. Now Hobbs is all curled up and cozy in bed, and I'm much too alert for my own good.
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