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Wow, what a douche...

So, Remmy moved himeself out of the old place... sorta. He left most of his crap behind, the entire house reeks of cigarette smoke, and the bathroom is well on it's way to being black with mold again, besides being piled in trash. He'd been hoarding some of my dishes in his closed (Hobbs found them), and he didn't. clean. anything. He even left old food in the fridge that I had already cleaned out. He skipped out without paying any of the money he owes us for bills (and that's not a tiny amount). We know he's gone, because he left his key on the countertop in the kitchen and took his computer and clothes and whatnot. He has officially screwed us, bigtime. If I had three or four days, and wasn't battling a particularly nasty headcold, and wasn't, y'know, 9 months pregnant, I could get the place pristine and we might actually see some of the deposit money. But I am ill, and pregnant, and we're stretching the bounds just to be in there today, so no, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it...He fucked me, he fucked Hobbs, and I really wish it didn't hurt so much that he did this to us. He used to be one of my very best friends.
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